Sudden rain traps hikers in Samaria Gorge

A sudden rain caused major problems in Samaria Gorge, as 66 hikers were trapped inside.

Thankfully, they are in a safe place, along with forestry workers.

According to the weather forecast, the rain should start in the afternoon.

That’s why the gorge opened early in the morning and 350 visitors entered.

Some of them were at the beginning of the path and returned immediately to Xiloskalo.

But, 57 hikers reached the guard room of Agios Nikolaos and 9 others went to Vryssi, and stayed there, along with forestry workers and waited for the rain to stop.

Forest Dept. of Chania worries about the river of Samaria and what damages were caused by the sudden rain.

The Gorge of Samaria will remain closed on Sunday.

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