PHOTOS: “The Headfucker” – What happens in Malia, in… 29 photos

George Marazakis is a photographer from Crete. He takes photos of what happens in Malia, in a series called “The Headfucker”.

Some of his photos reached the final of  Miami Street Photography Festival 2014.

But, if you ask him to tell you something for Malia, he will answer… “Except the 1,5 km road, which connects the national road with the beach, Malia is a quiet city for 9 months, with beautiful beaches and a very interesting Minoan Palace. But, this road is the reason for 3 to 4 visits to Malia every year. The owners of the bars were asking me what I was doing in the middle of the night, with a photo camera on my hands. My answer was… it is just my hobby… As for the title of my photo series, “The Headfucker” is a cocktail of Baileys, chilli, tequila, ouzo, gin, cider and absinthe”.

with info from / photos by George Marazakis

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