Varoufakis: Tsipras and I had vowed to resign rather than sign killer loan

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his former Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis, had agreed that, rather than accept an onerous loan from the creditors, they would hand over the keys to the opposition and tell them to sign and implement it. At least this is what Varoufakis himself has claimed in lengthy interviews to French site Mediapart last week.

“Together with Alexis we used to say, every day, every month that went by, that if they (the creditors) forced us to accept one more loan-a killer loan- which would bring us to our knees, we would then give the keys of our ministries to the opposition and tell them: You have signed such a deal before, you agree to it, here take the keys too”. In the end the Prime Minister did not chose to do that, he concludes.

Varoufakis is also scathing about the role French president Francois Hollande played in the negotiations:

“If you look at the way he behaved during the negotiations, in particular the one between him, Merkel and Tsipras, it becomes clear that he was simply present but had no role. That is something that the French should know”.

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