“The Story of Sfakia. A History of the region in its Cretan Context”

Chania Sailing Club, MYSTIS publications and PELEKANAKIS bookstore are inviting you at the presentation of the book “The Story of Sfakia. A History of the region in its Cretan Context” by George K. Dalidakis and Peter Trudgill. We are expecting you on Monday 5th of October at 19:30, at Neorio Moro (Chania Old Harbor).

Free Entrance.

In a few words…

On the rugged and remote coast of southwest Crete, the fiercely proud and independent people of Sfakia have survived millennia of invasions by many of the world’s most aggressive and dominant civilizations.

This book describes the lives of the indomitable and warrior-like Sfakian people as they struggled to thrive among and against the major Empires of Europe – Hellenic, Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman – and to oppose the German occupation during World War II.

With a rich detailing of the oral history of the region and of information gleaned from years of meticulous archival research, this book captures the spirit of the Sfakian people who have mastered its deep gorges, high plateaus and awe-inspiring mountains.

This comprehensive historical account is written for people with an interest in Sfakia and its turbulent past, and in particular for Sfakians and Cretans of the diaspora who are not able to access Greek language history books and research that deals with this subject.

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