Greek agriculture slowly moves to the production of ‘superfruits’

ANA-MPA The cultivation of superfruits in Greece now covers over 700 hectares. Superfruit is a marketing term first used in the food and beverage industry in 2005. The fruits may have nutritional significance due to their nutrient content, antioxidant value or anticipated health benefits and commercial significance associated with novelty of taste and color.

“PlantDirect” is responsible for the cultivation of 260 hectares of aronia, 40 hectares of Hippophaes, 25 hectares of goji berry, 20 hectares of blueberries and 15 hectares of other superfruits.

Agronomist and plant-pathologist Dr. George Bardas, head of PlantDirect, said that the specific cultivation of superfruits started at the end of the last decade and grew rapidly during the economic crisis. He also noted that specific cultivation is slowly finding a position in the national and international economic environment mostly addressing ‘premium’ markets of fresh and processed products.

According to Dr. Bardas, a large number of superfruits have been channeled to the Greek and international market via PlantDirect.

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