Aviation Herald: SAS B738 near Harstad-Narvik on Oct 4th 2015, tower, where are you?

A SAS Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration LN-RCX performing flight SK-7382 from Chania (Greece) to Harstad-Narvik (Norway), was nearing Harstad-Narvik’s Evenes Airport when the crew was informed the tower at Evenes was already closed. The crew decided to divert to Bodo (Norway) for a safe landing.

In the meantime a tower controller was dispatched to Evenes Airport enabling the aircraft to depart Bodo after about an hour on the ground. The aircraft landed safely at Evenes Airport with a delay of about 85 minutes.

Evenes Airport confirmed the tower was unoccupied due to a misunderstanding, the aircraft therefore did not know about the incoming aircraft. A controller staffed the tower about 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival of the flight. The occurrence is being investigated.

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