Electronic fraud with prepaid cards for online transactions

Electronic Crimes Squad of the Greek Police revealed an electronic fraud with prepaid cards for online transacrtions.

Two Greeks, aged 43 and 53, seem to be responsible for 12 fraud cases in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Heraklion, Halkidiki and Preveza.

Both men were calling to businessmen, telling them that they were technicians from an electronic trading equipment installation company.

They were asking the owners to give them their PINs, in order to cancel some… old cards.

But, when the card owners were calling to the company, they were realizing that their cards were valid and someone… was spending their money in online transactions (such as online bet, poker, or buys).

Officers of the Greek ECS found their electronic traces, but -until now- they have not managed to arrest them.

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