AWEF: “The accused was found innocent” received the following letter from Mrs. Natassa Vyssinou Mpompolak, President of Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation:

Another false and sinister accusation for the supposed animal trading by volunteer citizens was proved unfounded.

The second degree court found innocent the greek citizen for the accusation of animal trading, who was arrested after an anonymous(!!!) complaint in the athens national airport in the winter of 2015.

We all remember the big titles of the yellow press and slanderous websites of suspicious “animal welfare” provenance, like the one from the ESPRESSO news paper which was later reproduced by other similar electronic media, with the titles: “abhorrence, made in germany!”, “the trade of horror”, “three arrested in eleftherios venizelos airport for exporting dogs destined for bestiality, in Merkel’s country.”

What do they have to say now all these self proclaimed saviours of the animals who ruthlessly slander innocent volunteers, without any evidence and without shame for the problems they cause?

This innocence verdict will not be published in the yellow press because this news piece simply does not sell. All of them however will be asked to answer to justice.

Preliminary investigation is under way, after the complaint report of our federation against those who inspired the slander campaign against the animal welfare movement, during which they will be called to answer for their lies.

Our federation will continue to fight in any way possible for the protection and the rights of animals and the volunteers who have dedicated their life in helping them.

Natassa Vyssinou Mpompolaki – President of Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

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