EXCLUSIVE: Tourist cancels her trip to Crete, due to the closing of an animal shelter

We have already mentioned in CretePost.gr and in Chania Post newspaper, that due to many cases of animal abuse on Crete, there are a lot of tourists who are very angry and have decided not to spend their vacation on ur island.

We received the following letter from a woman from the Netherlands, who cancelled her trip to Crete:

I am cancelling my travel arrangements to Santorini, as I have also cancelled my travel arrangements to Crete.

I am so shocked by the reports of neglect of the animals on Santorini that I cannot bring myself to go and view the atrocities going on on your island.

Closing down an animal shelter is unacceptable. The general care and wellbeing of the stray animals are equally unacceptable.

The news about closing down needed shelters is a shame for your district and for all of Santorini and Greece!

Please immediately do something to drastically improve the life of these poor animals (food, water, parasite medication, shade, protection from rain and wind, etc.). They need proper medication and vaccinations! They do not need the little bit of care that the DO get, taken away from them. This is a terrible thing to do!

Furthermore, neutering and spaying of the cats and dogs are absolutely essential – not just in a shelter but for all stray cats and dogs: male and female!

I plan on sharing this news far and wide and fast. If and when there is good news, I will share the good news equally as far and wide and fast.

Please, please, please do something about the care and condition of the animals on Santorini, they do not deserve to be neglected or treated badly.

As a country that depends on tourism for a huge proportion of its GDP, animal care is as important as beautiful beaches and scenery. Nobody wants to go to a place where animals are neglected or treated badly.

Nobody wants their beautiful holiday spoiled by the heartbreak of animals in pain or distress.

Animal neglect is a crime.

Animal lover,

Lynette van Duyn

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