They were arrested with cocaine and heroine

Two men, aged 30 and 31, were arrested in Heraklion on Thursday afternoon.

Police officers searched the 31 year old man, at the time he came out from the house of the other arrested man, and found 5.1 grams of cocaine and 100 euros.

Then, they searched the house of the 30 year old man and two small packages with cocaine and cannabis, and an electronic scale.

Policemen also searched the house of the 31 year old man and found two electronic scales, a baton and a package of cocaine (2.9 grams).

In his car, policemen found 1,555 euros.

In another case, Police officers also arrested a 28 year old man, who had three packages of heroine (1.5 grams in total) and 1.780 euros.

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