Municipal Wi-Fi network of Rethymno… upgraded

One of the biggest free access Wi-Fi networks in Greece is the one of the Municipality of Rethymno.

Just two months after the upgrade of the network, there is a huge rise of unique users (42,000 per month / 1.8 TB per month).

Also, there was an upgrade of DSL lines (more than 300Mbps).

Users can connect to the municipal network in more than 60 access points.

The Wi-Fi hot spots are:

  • Rethymno beach
  • Erofili Theater/Fortezza
  • Agnostos Stratiotis Sq.
  • Mikrasiaton Sq.
  • City Hall
  • Spiti tou Politismou
  • Rimondi fountain
  • Ethnikis Antistaseos str.
  • Tessaron Martiron Sq.
  • Municipal Garden
  • Marine
  • Old Harbour’s parking station
  • Infopoint (Old Customs Office)
  • Tessaron Martiron parking station
  • Conservatory of Rethymno
  • Sohora stadium
  • Iroon Polytehniou Sq.
  • “Melina Merkouri” indoor sports hall
  • “Delfini” building
  • Urban planning service
  • Financial service

The name of the Wi-Fi network is municipality_of_rethymno.

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