Paying off taxes by giving your property

The attack against the middle class which is sinking into debt continues since the government is not only preparing to abolish the law which allows property owners to assign the uncollected rents to the State, but it has not put into effect yet a law which will allow the property owner to give his property to the tax office so as to pay off his debts, a measure which would help many taxpayers.

One case that was discussed intensely a while ago was that of Greek designer Lakis Gavala, who wanted to give to the state his real estate property in order to pay the taxes and avoid being prisoned.

However, there was not a relevant regulation and Gavalas was sent to prison for tax debts. But when similar cases emerged, property owners asked for the government to issue a law so as to be able to assign their properties to the state and pay off their debts.

Finally, the relevant law was drafted, but until now it hasn’t been put into effect since the Ministry of Finance must issue a relevant decision, something that hasn’t been done yet.

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