Transavia stops flights from Maastricht to Crete

According to and, Transavia will stop its flights from Maastricht to Crete next summer, as the airport has almost declared bankruptcy and will proceed to major operational cuts!

Transavia believes that both weekly scheduled flights to Heraklion Airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” are unprofitable.

The airliner will also stop its flights from Maastricht to Antalya, Turkey, fror the same reason.

But, the basic matter seems to be the major financial problems of Maastricht Airport. It has to be mentioned that during winter there will be only six flights per week!

Director of Transavia in Maastricht Airport, Mr. Sander Heijmans, said that there is no passenger’s interest for flights to Crete and Turkey.

“We have to pay our attention only to flights from the airports of Eindhoven and Rotterdam”, said Mr. Heijmans.


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