Dutch “clown” sentenced in 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder of Russian boy

Heraklion Court of Appeal sentenced Dutch hotel employee Cirino Schrijver in 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder of a Russian boy.

Cirino Schrijver was arrested in May 2013 and transferred to a special detention facility where he received psychiatric treatment.

Cirino Schrijver, 22, faced Court charges of attempted murder of 12-year-old Russian boy, named Nikita.

Schrijver was suspected to have stabbed Nikita 20 times after stealing his laptop and mobile phone.

After two years, Nikita is not able to walk due to the injuries caused by a knife.

Short after the attack in a hotel of Heraklion, Cirino’s mother claimed her son was autistic and needed special medication and supervision.

Cirino had visited Crete with his family in May and then decided to get a summer job, while his family returned to the Netherlands.

As he told to the Court, he wants to be transferred to a prison and not stay in the psychiatric clinic.


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