Crete’s Hersonissos to Set Up Destination Management Body

As part of its plan to upgrade and promote the local tourist product, the Municipality of Hersonissos, Crete, announced this week the establishment of a destination management body.

The Destination Management Organization (DMO) will operate as a coordinating body of all sector stakeholders and aim to promote the destination and its tourism product, paving the way for sustainable growth and creating new jobs.

The body will draw up and oversee a longterm strategic plan which among others includes the upgrade of the tourist product through the implementation of a sustainable tourism development plan, the development of parallel services that will boost the private sector, the promotion of the region and securing fruitful partnerships between neighboring municipalities and private enterprises, and the cooperation of experts who will provide knowhow on all tourism issues.

“We are launching a pioneering initiative on Crete, one that is dynamic, without limits or restrictions. We venture to see the private sector as a fully fledged participant in this,” Hersonissos Mayor Ioannis Mastorakis said of the scheme.

“We understand that both the responsibility and the challenge are great.”

Greece-based destination marketing agency Toposophy is preparing Hersonissos’ tourism and business plans.

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