Four Germans collected 6,000 euros, to buy healthcare materials for the Health Center of Kissamos

Paul Eckert, Brigitte Gershgrasser, Dorothee Epple and Dieter Epple are four Germans, coming to Kissamos for more than 50 years.

During their stay back in August 2014, Mrs. Dorothee Epple had a serious allergy and they asked for help from the locals.

In a pharmacy they met a doctor, named Maria Fiotakis, who helped them to cure the allergy.

They told to the doctor that they would like to offer any kind of help, as a requital…

Mrs. Fiotakis explained them what is happening to Greece and when they returned to Germany, they started to inform their neighbors for the real situation in Greece, for the hospitality and the life philosophy of Greeks.

They managed to collect 6,000 euros and today… it was the time for them to give the money to the Mayor of Kissamos, in order to buy healthcare materials for the Health Center of Kissamos.

From all of us in Chania Post newspaper and… A BIG THANK YOU!


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