Greece ranks 91st in press freedom

According to the annual ranking of Reporters without Borders, Greece has climbed 8 places since 2014, yet remains 54 places lower than its placement in 2009 -before the beginning of the economic crisis.

In particular, the RWB note that police violence against reporters is an ongoing phenomenon. The report characterizes the fact that most complaints and investigations about police brutality have been closed without anyone being punished. This attitude promotes the feeling that policemen are beyond punishment.

The feeling of violence is intensified by the attacks of the members of the Nazi party, Golden Dawn against journalists. The report also notes the lack of measures towards the protection of members of the press. At the same time, the financial crisis has severely hindered pluralism both in private and public media.

It should be noted that the research was closed before the Greek memorandum, something that will certainly play a major role in next year’s placement.

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