Greece is an ideal destination for budget travelers

The journalist of Los Angeles Times, Jessica Gelt, writes about her experience visiting Greece stating that it is a perfect destination for budget holidays.

She visited the beautiful islands of Syros, Paros, Mykonos and Santorini and as she said the only effect the Greek economic crisis had on her nine-day vacation was an old video playing old version of the news regarding the capital controls .

“The report went something like this: The country was on the brink of financial collapse. Banks were closed, citizens were standing in lines 20 deep at automated-teller machines and protesters were swarming Constitution Square.” says the article while a few seconds later the crew apologized for playing old version of the news.

However, as the journalist say, the desperation, frustration and fierce pride of the Greek people dominated the conversations in tavernas and cafes. But, “in many ways this was — and is — an ideal time to visit the country, especially for budget travelers” the article mentions adding that “The usual tourist herds have thinned, traditional Greek hospitality is in overdrive and prices are down for hotels and meals”.

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