March 8, 2021



Municipality of Gavdos… closed!

The Mayor of Gavdos, Mrs. Evaggelia Kallinikou, ordered the closing -having no reason- of the City Hall of Gavdos on Monday morning.

City Councellors of the opposition municipal party sent a letter of complaint for the real reasons of the closing.

As Mrs. Kallinikou wrote in the official web site of the Municipality of Gavdos, the main reason for the closing is “to protect the mental health of all employees and to defend the proper operation of the Municipality”.

Mrs. Kallinikou also informed the General Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior for the closing and asked him to solve all problems of the island.

In the letter of the opposition municipal party, City Councellors say that the Mayor closed the City Hall, after the District Attorney asked her to send some “key” documents for a very serious case, which is currently in the main interrogation on charges of felony.

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