Elderly man left a box full of puppies, in the village of Vrysses!

Panhellenic Animals Welfare Association Press Release

Recently, a citizen, driving through Vrysses-Apokoronas village, witnessed one more abandonment of puppies, a phenomenon which has become a plague in our county the last years, multiplying incredibly in this way the number of stray animals.

This citizen saw an elderly man getting off his car and leaving in a remote place a box containing numerous puppies.

He called in immediately reprimanding the old man for his act, who apathetically took again the box and got on his car to leave and place the box with the puppies somewhere else.

The witness wrote down the registration number of the car, came in contact with our Association and proceeded to the legal actions, which are under progress, against the elderly man, whose identity was immediately spotted by the police.

We declare that we will do everything possible so that this criminal and particular “man ”will be punished as he deserves.

We remind everybody that animals’ abandonment is a serious minor crime and is being punished with high administrative fine.

We will again refer to the hypocrisy of all those who continuously abandon their animals and at the same time they protest about the flocks and the damages the stray animals cause.

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