Sunnyclist is finally here! Let’s help those guys!

We are young entrepreneurs striving to make a difference in sunny  Greece, seeking alternative ways to evolve and create new jobs. We develop the Sunnyclist, a three-seater solar vehicle that produces the energy it consumes On November 16, we will launch our Crowd Funding campaign, on, to put our product into mass production.

We envisioned an autonomous vehicle that produces its energy consumption. By exploiting the sun and making passengers active in its motion, we reinvent automobility and propose  an alternative commute mode. Humanity has to face tough challenges in the field of air quality, environmental protection and job preservation. We work tirelessly to make our world a little better.

Sunnyclist represents an attractive and affordable solution of modern people for green mobility, with minimal costs, autonomy, no environmental pollution and without infrastructure commitments. It is an electrο-solar vehicle (category L5e) that uses a large rotating photovoltaic generator and powerful motors, to carry three passengers and their luggage with an extended driving range. It moves with electricity, which is stored in a lithium battery that can charge from the sun, the grid or from passengers, when they pedal. In normal conditions, the three energy sources, solar, battery and muscle power, contribute symmetrically. This synergy makes SUNNYCLIST the most economic, environmental and autonomous vehicle ever built.

By supporting us you give us the opportunity to put our product into mass production and let more people discover our solution. Since we already have a well tested working prototype, we need your support, to make Sunnyclist truly great, to scale up and offer a new opportunity for all people to live greener and smarter. You will also help humanity reach its goals of climate control and at the same time you become a part of our effort to uphold the productive side of Greece, in the most creative way.

Support our crowd funding campaign on INDIEGOGO.COM which starts on November 16.

Watch our teaser for the crowd funding campaign, that we will launch on November 16 on hope you like it! Help us spread the word and help make it happen!

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