Heating allowance… 150 euros for each family on Crete

This year’s ‘heating allowance’ for the poor and the needy will be cut by 50%. The total amount from the state budget will drop from €210 million last winter down to just €105 million. Blame the austerity, the bailout programs, the prior actions  and the shortage of liquidity.

The government plans to divide Greece in four zones according to temperature levels. The reason is that the Greek South is not affected by the cold weather as much as the Greek North. Therefore the old and the needy in the south will most likely be no eligible for the financial aid so that they can survive the winter.

But most probably also those in the North will see their heating oil allowance to be much lower than last year. In certain geographical areas in the North, the allowance can reach up to 1,050 euro for the whole of the heating period, in areas like Athens or Corinth up to 360 euro.

The heating allowance was introduced last year in order to help the poor to afford a warm home after an extra austerity tax was imposed in the heating oil leaving thousands of households in crisis Greece in the cold.

The heating allowance on Crete will be 150 euros per family, instead of 210 euros in 2014.

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