Platanias: We collect bottle caps… we buy wheelchairs

The Municipal Authority of Platanias placed special buckets for the collection of bottle caps, in order to buy wheelchairs.

For more information, you may call at +30 28213 41019 (Mrs. Kambaraki Katerina).

Joymachine was the company who made and donated the plastic buckets.

By recycling polypropylene and polyethylene plastic caps and lids, we raise money to provide wheelchairs for disabled children in our country.

This also has an environmental benefit as discarded caps are put in our landfills or incinerated which harms the earth if not recycled.

We recycle polypropylene and polyethylene plastic caps which are both different grades of plastic from the bottles or containes and are valuable in bulk.

They can be sold to companies using recycled “post-consumer” plastic to create new products such as composite decking, janitorial supplies, shipping pallets, park benches, paint cans, automotive interiors,  and many other items.


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