Govt scraps 23% VAT hike to education and pours funds from wine and gambling

Proto Thema – Funds to have been yielded from scrapped plans to impose a 23% VAT hike on private schools will now be yielded by raising a fee on lottery games operated by OPAP, according to an agreement reached between the Greek government and Greece’s lenders on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and Economy Minister George Stathakis announced that the government will introduce at least one more equivalent measure to cover 100 million euros of the estimated 300 million euros loss resulting from the dropped VAT tax on private education.

Tsakalotos pointed to the creation of three measures currently being examined to cover the 100 million euros. One of these includes the introduction of a 30% additional tax per bottle of wine.

Tsakalotos also said that the Greek government has reached an agreement with the institutions on introducing a stricter framework for taxpayers with overdue debts to be included in favorable repayment terms schemes.

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