Two Greek businessmen jailed by Danish court over ‘joke’ that led to Copenhagen airport closure

AFP — A Danish court has jailed two Greek businessmen for 13 days for making remarks that sparked the brief evacuation of one of Copenhagen’s international airport main terminals.

 The Copenhagen City Court said the men, who cannot be named under a court order, were suspected of causing “groundless alarm.”

They pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor Erik Hjelm said a female employee at the check-in counter heard them saying “there is a bomb in this bag” and one said the other was wanted for the Paris attacks.

The hour-long evacuation of the Nordic hub’s Terminal 3 on Wednesday caused the delay of 58 flights, the airport said.

Terminal 3 was evacuated at around 12pm after police were notified of the conversation.

The terminal was reopened several hours later.

“They said that they were only joking with each other,” police spokesman Steen Hansen told AFP.

“Apparently, they are friends, though one was going to Paris and the other was flying to Frankfurt ,” he said.

The incident came just hours after Danish police raised the country’s threat level by one notch to the second-highest level, citing the elevated risk of a terrorist attack after last week’s Paris attacks.

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