Mass neutering program of stray animals in the Municipality of Platanias

After months of our Federation’s effort, the mass neutering program of stray animals, the first in Chania County, was materialized this week in Platanias Municipality, and will continue from the 2nd to the 5th of December.

The castrations were performed for free and legally by the volunteer veterinarians of the German Animal Welfare Organization “Arche Noah Kreta e.V.” , which under other conditions they would cost 40,000 euro to the Municipality. We thank them so much for their enormous help, support and voluntary offer.

The animals, cats and dogs, were fostered after surgery by volunteers of the Animal Welfare Association “The Protection of Animals” as well as citizens of Platanias and other Animal Welfare Associations, they were all photographed under the Municipality responsibility and the Animals Welfare Associations and there will be a further effort for their responsible adoption.

20151120_143924The organization of the program was perfect and the arrival of the animals was performed with exemplary order, so that no citizen of the area, where the neutering took place, was annoyed or disturbed.

The attempt has just begun, we have a long way in front of us and there are still many things to be done by the Municipality, so that a visible effect will be noticed and the misery of thousands of stray animals will be limited.

The neutering, a simple and painless surgical procedure, can only be beneficial for the animals and for the area.

The neutering of stray and owned animals, in combination with information, responsible adoption and education is the key for ending the existence of stray animals , a situation which does not honor us and is very painful for the animals themselves.

Greek and foreign veterinarians, help and support the common effort and we thank them for that.

We would also like to thank the Cultural Association of Gerani for their hospitality, the Mayor of Platanias, Mr. Malandrakis, the Vice Mayor Mr. Daskalakis and especially the General Secretary of the Municipality, Mr. Gabriel Kouris, the interference of whom was determinant for the proceeding of the procedures that helped to reach the today’s result.

All together, without any antagonism, we will make it.

We will finish this small report on this big effort, with an inevitable comparison between the tragicomic opinions expressed during the Chania Municipal Council as concerns the municipal vet clinic and the perfect cooperation of Platanias Municipality with the Cultural Council of Gerani and the local community, who in a civilized way accepted the neutering operation of the stray animals, showing in this way superiority and civilization.

Let others follow them.

Natasha Bobolaki – President of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

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