“Mirai City” about to open in Chania

“Mirai” sushi bar-restaurant in Platanias closed for winter, but… Mirai Team will offer us more of the exciting and tasteful Japanese cuisine in “Mirai City”, which will open in a few days at the center of Chania.

Read their post on Facebook…

Dear friends,

this is to announce that Mirai in Platanias is now closed for the winter season. Thank you for making our first season so special, exciting and memorable.

All our efforts wouldn’t be so fruitful without you actively appreciating the results, without you being our guests and supporters, without your good vibes.

Thank you for making this project possible.

Our next project is now loading, we are very happy to announce the opening of Mirai City in Chania. If you carry an exotic spirit and a delicate palate we will do our best to enrich your city life experience with first class sushi, amazing cocktails and vibrant atmosphere.

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Best regards,

The Mirai Team

From all of us in CretePost.gr and Chania Post newspaper, we wish you the best in your new “tasteful” trip.

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