“For Peace”… A song by a 16 year old boy from Heraklion

His name is Alexandros Karaiskakis. He is coming from Heraklion and he is a student of a local High School.

But… Alexandros is still a boy who sees and feels the world around him, a world of war, blood and hate.

So, he decided to write a song… for peace.

As he mentions in his personal web page in YouTube, “I wrote this song last week. I am so sad to know that people are still bombing and countries really love war. I wrote this song for every nation on our planet. I need peace, because I want to survive. I need peace to do everything that I love. I need peace, because a smile can make your day, every day. Millions of people have died due to war since 2011. Let’s make a change… let’s start from ourselves. It will be good for us, for our children, for our parents. This one is for peace…”

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