Corruption meeting on Borjan’s List with 10,000+ Greeks with money abroad

Proto Thema – Alternate Justice Minister for Corruption issues Dimitris Papaggelopoulos chaired a second meeting on the so-called “Borjan’s List” on Monday. The list includes 10,588 bank accounts belonging to Greeks at a Swiss branch of UBS with total deposits at 6.5 billion euros, supplied to Greece by the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The list is for the years 2006-2008 as compiled by German tax authorities. It was compiled as part of a German investigation and handed to Greek authorities by Norbert Walter Borjan, the Finance Minister for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Participants at the meeting included the Financial Prosecutor Panagiotis Athanassiou, the prosecutors that were part of a working group working on the agreement with North Rhine-Westphalia and officials from the justice and finance ministries. The participants discussed cooperation between the various sides involved in the handling of the case, while the financial prosecutor asked for additional support.

The justice ministry released a press release that gives orders to assist the prosecutor in every possible way in the investigation of the case. The group will hold weekly meetings to coordinate its action and resolve problems as they arise.

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