UN for Rightful Return of Parthenon Marbles to Greece

The Parthenon Marbles should rightfully be returned to Greece, according to a decision by the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

A total of 74 countries, including a number of EU states, Latin American nations and Arab and African countries, accepted Greece’s proposal for the return of cultural property unlawfully removed as part of ongoing efforts to protect the world’s cultural heritage.

The final text of the UN decision, submitted by Greece every three years, also cites Greece’s role as a “cradle of knowledge and culture”, always at the forefront of defense for the protection of the world’s cultural legacy through similar initiatives.

Wednesday’s decision also condemns the destruction of cultural heritage in areas of armed conflict, including occupied territories, as well as the illicit trafficking of cultural property by terrorist groups and militants.

The UN support came one day after the Greek government announced that it had changed plans in its quest for the return of the sculptures, no longer needed the services of the high-profile legal team headed by Amal Alamuddin, and that instead would launch a diplomatic campaign to negotiate with the British Museum.


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