PM A. Tsipras: The next three years will be difficult

Proto Thema – Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressed Central Committee of SYRIZA referring to international developments and arguing that despite the difficulties the government has become a stability factor with many successes acting also as mediator.

“In a period of instability and developments the government has become a factor of stability, having succeeded in many aspects in Greece and abroad.” Mr. Tsipras said.

“We must be vigilant because there are dangerous plans ready to be executed by extreme individuals, like Greece’s expulsion from Schengen area” he added.

Mr. Tsipras also insisted that the government will continue to guarantee the political stability, the social cohesion, the international status and the economic recovery of the country. “We stopped the social plundering conducted during the previous 5 years with milder fiscal consolidation and fairer distribution of the economic burden,” said Alexis Tsipras while admitting that the next three years will be difficult “however they would be fairer than previous agreements”.

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