Purchases of up to 9,545 euros with card will be needed to claim 2016 non-taxable amount

Proto Thema – Taxpayers who wish to claim the non-taxable amount of up to 2,100 euros should make purchases of 9,545 euros with debit or credit card.

However, it is not clear yet if the taxpayer should make his purchases using a single credit or debit card and bank account which have been declared on TAXIS online platform or he can declare more than one bank account.

Moreover, taxpayers who declare less than 9,545 euros income will be obliged to declare expenditures made with cards reaching at least their income amount!

Specifically, as Eleftheros Typos newspaper reports, every employee and pensioner with income below this threshold will have to pay with credit card, debit card or via e-banking expenditures equal to his income, whereas those who declare income of more than 9,545 euros, their expenses will amount to that threshold.

As fοr businessmen, in 2016 they will be forced to have a single business account where all his revenues gained from selling products or providing services will be deposited given the fact that their customers will pay using cards or e-banking. The businessman will not be allowed to withdraw this money, but he will be able to spend it only using a card or through e-banking to make all payments related to his business activities.

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