“We sue the Panhellenic Veterinarian Association”

The love and the interest of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Panhellenic Veterinarian Association (PVA) towards the stray animals is so big, that soon they will close down their corporate professional association and replace it with an … animal welfare association. The truth is of course that the (narrowly meaning) financial interests of its members are the only things they are really interested in and nothing else.

They accuse and sue the Municipalities for unreal and of minor significance issues, because they cooperate with voluntary European veterinarians, who neuter stray animals for free, with the single purpose to frighten them in order to stop their effort to neuter the strays and humanize their cities.

For years they were trying the cultural norm of free neutering by voluntary vets not to be included in the legislation, but they didn’t make it. Then they tried with different deceptive tricks and obstacles to prevent the voluntary vets to get their license from GEOTEE, but they didn’t make it. Now they are trying to stop the operation of the institution through blackmail and lawsuits. We declare that they will not make it this time too. They just delay and try to hinder the inevitable.

We call them (even though we think they cannot realize their downfall …) to consider the substance of the issue and the welfare of the animals and the good of their country, to listen carefully to the society, to reduce the (very high sometimes) prices of their medical acts, especially in a country which isuffers financially, and to cooperate for the common good.

Instead they exclusively reach for complaints against the Municipalities, their colleagues and the animal welfare associations. We call them to stop at last this war as well as the crocodile tears for the animals, because nobody believes them anymore.

Our Federation will proceed to judicial acts against the leadership of the PVA, because (a) it retains illegally the data base of the electronic signalization (microchip) and the personal data included, which the law has taken away from them and (b) some veterinarians do not register the electronic signalization in any data base, thus cancelling this procedure.

Let them look at their own illegalities and leave the others alone.

At the same time we need to thank all those Greek Vets, who, in contrary to their leadership, help the stray animals of our country with their medical acts and the unemployed and needy animals’ owners and they support the huge selfless effort of the animal welfare associations cooperating with their European colleagues, honoring in this way the veterinarian’s vocation and not disdaining it in the conscience of the people and the society.

What do some veterinarians do in the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (MRDF) when they do not want to work?

The rule is simple. They complicate things as much as they can and everything stands still. They present them intractable, complicated as squaring the circle and they are OK!


SYRIZA came in power to change this situation – in accordance with their pre-elective commitments – but unfortunately in its ignorance the same bureaucratic crimes take place in this Ministry.

How? Of course maintaining in their positions employees, who for years have been proven to be completely incapable, like several veterinarians in the Veterinarian General Directorate of the MPDF.

An unprecedented mess exists in this Directorate.

Chronic company animal problems stagnate dangerously.

The answers we get to our “why” are confusing and erratic.

They say the Memorandum , the bad laws that they themselves created, the Ministers, the other co-responsible ministries, the relocations and whatever else you can imagine are to be blamed.

A deliberate confusion, where everything is presented as a Gordian knot, so that nothing progresses.

Outrider of this confusion is Mrs. Arvanitis, very well known from her past and her rage against the animal welfare associations.

Impolite, aggressive, bad-tempered, confrontational, suspicious, wise guy, with debatable knowledge, presents everything as being difficult, complicated, impossible and unsolvable.

She is the perfect definition of the bad public employee, who is being paid by all of us not to do her job, but on the contrary to “give us lessons” under the tolerance of her supervisors (physical and political persons).

During a recent visit of our Federation to the Ministry, one of our members almost beat her, when –being in a paranoia status – she threatened for the umpteenth time to throw her out of the office!

The lady is rather confused, considering the Ministry as her home.

Let her supervisors take measures, because it is the last time we tolerate her behavior.

They have to solve the Gordian knot, which they created, with simple and coordinated actions, so that the responsibilities the Ministry has in accordance to the Law will be effective.

Nothing else is needed, except will, responsibility, and a lot of work in cooperation with the animal welfare associations.

We hope that the supervisor of the Directorate, despite the unwilling employees, will take the case in his hands, so that a lot of issues still pending for years due to obstructions of his subordinates, will be given an effective solution.

Because, if we are waiting this ridiculous Mrs. Arvanitis, we will wait forever….

The Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

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