Greek economic crisis leads to increase in depression rates. Crete on top!

Proto Thema – More than 44% of Greek citizens claim to feel negative emotions such as insecurity, agony, fear, anger, despair, stress, anxiety, sorrow, bitterness, indignation as a result of the economic crisis.

The lower the income, the higher the rate of depression.

Furthermore, 25% of those who suffer cannot receive treatment for their illness due to financial reasons.

Research conducted by the GPS for the National School of public health on the healthcare of the Greek population during the economic crisis showed progressively decreasing rates of health.

In terms of social dimension, the research recorded that 1/3 of the Greeks can’t pay their bills and debts and their health self-estimation is substantially lower than average. 25 percent of the population did not take their medical treatment or did not do a check up.

The higher percentage rates of good health were recorded in Athens and Thessaloniki and the lowest on the Aegean islands and on Crete.

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