Souda to airport link road study rejected by Chania Council

Last week Chania council voted against a motion proposed by the mayor Tasos Vamvoukas to approve the environmental impact study for building a link road between the national road and Chania airport.

The discussion on the study had been postponed twice before and took three hours of discussion before it was rejected.

This means that the proposals for the construction of the road , a project planned and talked about for at least six years, cannot be discussed further at this point.

The plan to link the national road to the airport through an 8 km road from Suda junction to Pithari raised strong  objections by Pithari residents who claim that a new road will not offer an improvement to safety or make journey times faster.

The project budget was set at 35 million euro.

After the vote Mr. Vamvoukas said that the link road is needed and that the council plans to return to a vote on this matter at a later time.

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