Symbolic protest in Chania, for the death of a stray dog

The Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals” calls its friends for a symbolic protest next Tuesday, at 15:00 at Pano (Ano) Daratso Square, about the unfair death of a stray animal of the area, which was sitting quietly at the side of the road.

Members of our Association went to the place of its murder and talked with two witnesses, whose testimony was shocking and categorical as concerns the conditions of the dog’s death.

Because there are rumors, that the man who killed the dog loves animals, we answer emphatically that: No man can be considered as an animal lover when he leaves an animal in blood to die, while the witnesses were shouting at him to stop.

With this symbolic protest let’s express our repulsion and disgust, not only for the numerous road victims but for all the animals victims everywhere and in every way. We owe it not only to these animals but to our humanity too, which we tend to loose….

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