Trivago: Greeks choose London for Christmas and Paris for New Year’s Eve

The majority of Greek travelers has chosen London for this year’s Christmas holiday with Paris and Rome following, according to computer reservation data collected by trivago.The data shows that this year Greeks chose their same destinations as last year, but in a different order.

Rome, which was last year’s top destination this year is third, while Athens is fourth. A little further down, in 6th place we see the second Greek destination, Thessaloniki, one place higher than last year, while Delphi, the third and final Greek destination in top-10, is located in the 9th position.

This year’s list is completed with Constantinople, which is two places below compared to last year.

The list for New Year’s Eve

New Year Eve’s list also have similarities with last year, with a few additions in this year’s ranking. Paris occupies the top spot, climbing one place higher than last year, with London and Rome to follow. Prague, Vienna and Budapest occupy the next three positions and Thessaloniki appears on the 7th.

Even though it is a place lower than last year, the city is two positions higher than Athens, unlike last year when tourists favored the latter.

Berlin and Warsaw do enter the ranking, occupying the 8th and 10th place respectively, displacing from the list Bansko, which occupied the 7th place last year and Constantinople which in 2014 was 4th.

The most popular Greek destinations

In the respective ranking for Greek destinations only, both for Christmas and for the New Year, the first four destinations are fixed and only switching their positions.

Athens, Thessaloniki, Delphi and Pelion are the top four with Athens and Thessaloniki alternating between the first and second position.

The above analysis is based on research conducted by the trivago for searches conducted between January 1 and November 30, 2015, for travel to be held between the dates that include the period of 24, 25 and December 26 and December 29 to January 2.

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