Aegean VP Says Airports Deal a Step in the Right Direction

The privatization agreement between the government and consortium Fraport-Slentel for the 40-year management of 14 regional airports in Greece, which was finalized on Monday, is a step in the right direction, the vice president of the country’s biggest carrier, Aegean, said.

Eftychios Vassilakis, Vice President of Athens-based Aegean Airlines, said the deal is a positive move and added that the next step should be investing in the improvement of infrastructure at 23 of the country’s smaller airports.

“We believe the deal for the development and management of 14 regional airports by the consortium Fraport-Slentel will accelerate the necessary investments and will in two-three years’ time bring about a significant improvement at these key ‘gateways’ to our country, resulting in better prospects for tourism, but also an upgraded passenger experience,” Mr Vassilakis said.

Aegean’s vice president went on to add that the 40-year duration of the said agreement will ensure operation costs at the 14 airports remain competitive, as the contract foresees that current rates remain the same until completion of the necessary investments, upgrades and projects.

Mr Vassilakis concluded that it was absolutely vital the revenue from the annual rent and profit sharing going to state coffers be used towards the improvement of 23 smaller regional airports which are in state hands, if there is to be a “balanced development of our tourism”.

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