Sexy Cretan beekeeper enjoying his “new-found” fame

Proto Thema – Stathis Stivaktakis, bee producer from Crete, had fame flung upon him when he ralled at a farmers protest outside Greek Parliament a few weeks ago. Photos capturing his rugged charm went viral and were appreciated by local women and a global network thanks to exposure on CNN.

Now, the blue-eyed Cretan goes from talk show to talk show explaining the dangers of ephemeral fame but also enjoying adulation everywhere he goes. The celebrity beekeeper now has a manager.

In Athens again, he headed to “Penelope kai Mnisteres” (Penelope and her Suitors) to enjoy Cretan songs by Thanasis Glynos. He drank, danced and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Now, a celebrity, women rush to get their photos taken by his side and he seems to be enjoying his new-found status as a sex symbol.

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