Greek Tourism 2016: Third place in Swedish bookings

Greece ranks third in tourist package reservations by Swedes for 2016, according to Swedish tourism trends barometer «Resiabarometern».

Spain ranks first, followed by USA in second place.

As far as tourist destination searches on the internet by Swedes are concerned, US and Turkey share the first place (with 3,600 searches / month), followed by Greece (2,900 searches / month).

The above data was released by the Economic and Commercial Affairs Office of the Greek Embassy in Stockholm and indicates that Greece remains high in the preferences of Swedish tourists.

Statistical data and interviews

The survey was conducted in November last year and relates to trips to be made in 2016. It is based on reservation statistical data, interviews with consumers and representatives of the tourism industry, surveys by the SIFO Polling Institute and Google statistics.

The report also notes that tourism is a key source of income in Greece, especially under the current, tough economic conditions.

Finally, its author gives a quick summary of financial data and recent political developments taking place in Greece, highlighting once more the importance of the tourism sector’s contribution to the national economy.

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