Mourning for Melina, aged 4, who died after adenoid removal went awry

Proto Thema – The parents of young Melina Paraschaki, who died aged 4, after routine adenoidectomy are left with a huge “Why?” on their lips after the surgery went awry. Their daughter died at the University Hospital of Herakleion on Tuesday after being rushed their from Venizeleio Hospital of Hreakleion, Crete, for a relatively ordinary and low-danger procedure that took place on Monday, December 28.

An autopsy, running for two and a half hours, has failed to come up with the exact cause of death as the results of the toxicological exams will only be available after ten days, whereas histological exams won’t be ready until after a month.

The problems surfaced following her surgery on Monday. She woke up from surgery within 15 minutes without any problems. Within five minutes following extubation there were problems that resulted to the young girl’s reintubation due to progressive respiratory distress, drop in blood pressure and bronchal spasms. It was the spasms that lead to a stroke.

The town of Neapoli, Crete, is in mourning following the death of the child whose funeral took place on Wednesday at the Holy Church of Our Lady (Megali Panagia).

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