They moved out, they abandoned her, but she is still waiting for them…

They had her in their apartment for 10 years! But, when they decided to move out and leave Chania, they forgot her.

The father of the family was a naval officer in Chania and retired.

He took his family back to Volos, but they forgot to take with them their little dog… their best and loyal friend for 10 years!

The dog is still sleeping outside the door of the apartment… neighbours give her food and water, but some of them do not want her in the house.

But, when she finds an open door… she returns in front of the apartment, waiting for her family!

Animals Welfare Association of Chania was informed and found the owner of the apartment.

He called former naval officer and told him about the dog.

“I do not care. She is old. Poison her”, was the answer in the speaker.

Members of AWAC heard him and will file a lawsuit against him, while they are trying to find a new family for the dog.

If you are interested, you may call +30 6945 593988.

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