World capitals welcome New Year under ‘red alert’

Proto Thema – Authorities in most capitals of the world fear of terrorist attacks during New Year’s Eve celebrations and have increased police presence in the cities’ streets to prevent any attack.

Europe is on high terrorist alert since authorities claim that ISIS fighters will attack on New Year’s Eve. According to foreign intelligence services’ information, ISIS militants are preparing deadly attacks like the ones in Paris.

Brussels’s mayor Yvan Mayeur and Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon took a joint decision to cancel Thursday evening’s festivities, as Reuters reports because of the threat of terrorist attacks.

In Turkey’s capital, Istanbul, about 15,000 police officers will patrol the area around Taksim Square, while in Paris about 11,000 police officers will be on the streets so as the French people would be able to safely welcome the New Year.

Authorities in London and other cities of UK are on high alert fearing of terrorist attacks, while in Germany’s and Austria’s authorities have asked citizens to be very patient as they will thoroughly check several event places.

Similar measures have been taken by authorities in Austria, the Netherlands and Madrid, whereas the Red Square in Russia will be closed for the first time.

Also, US authorities have imposed strict security measures during the celebration events for New Year, whereas in Australia thousands of police officers will patrol the country’s streets.

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