Norwegian tourists choose Crete for their vacations in 2016

Crete is the first choice of Norwegians for holidays in 2016, according to a survey by the country’s leading tour operator Apollo.

The agency estimates that 700,000 Norwegians, who plan to travel this year, elect the island as their first preference, regardless of whether they intend to use Apollo’s services or not. In both cases, as seen in the table below, Crete occupies the top spot.

For Apollo’s customers, the second option is Rhodes, and for Norwegian tourists in general it is Turkey.

10% increase in bookings

The tour operator estimates that Greece will record this year a 10% increase in bookings by Norwegians, while Turkey, despite occupying the second spot, will face a 20% decrease or more!

Apollo even commented that the Crete’s lead is not surprising, as Norwegians love Greece and especially Crete and have been choosing it for many years now since it combines 4 and 5 star hotels with the unique Cretan nature and culture.

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