General Hotel Satisfaction Index: Greece outperforms rival destinations

Greek hotels received a higher satisfaction rating at 84.9% in November 2015 outperforming their competitors’ 81,4%, according to the monthly General Satisfaction Index (GRI: Global Review Index) data released by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE Intelligence).

The data is based on assessments by 11.936 Greek hotels’ customers and 68.857 customers of competing destinations as calculated by the Review Pro system.

Special indicators

Accommodation in the northern Greece region of Epirus stood out with a satisfaction rating of 89.86 percent, followed by the Cyclades at 88,3% percent.

Special indicators such as value for money, overall service, room and maid service also received higher ratings in Greece in relation to the competition while a very high rate of satisfaction (88.1%) was traced among customers of 5-star hotels.

Santorini, Mykonos, Cyclades, Crete, Halkidiki, the Dodecanese and the Ionian outwon rival destinations and so did Cyprus.

Benchmark for guest satisfaction

Athens is second only to Istanbul and superior in comparison with Rome and Barcelona, while Thessaloniki reached a quality index 80.4% outperforming competitors.

In ‘room’ category, Athens received a 76.0% percentage with Thessaloniki lagging behind at 75,8%.

Online reputation and social media management company ReviewPro’s GRI is a benchmark for guest satisfaction and tracks Greece’s performance over time by comparing the country’s online reputation to its competitors.

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