The famous Cretan dittany of Erontas

Crete is famous for its aromatic plants and herbs, which grow everywhere, in the mountains, in farming areas and in coastal areas.

Some of them are endemic and have been known since the ancient times for their remedial properties.

Nowadays, their use is somehow limited, but everybody drinks a herb tea in winter (sage, mountain tea or dittany).

Don’t forget that the exquisite taste of the Cretan dishes is owing to the use of aromatic herbs.

Dittany of Erontas (Origanum dictanmus)

It is an endemic herb of Crete, also called “erontas” or “stomatohorto”. It has been known since the ancient times and has been used as a haemostatic and wound-healing agent.

Its healing properties are mentioned also by Hippocrates.

It is said that when wild goats get injured, they rub their wound against this plant and it heals rapidly.

It grows only on steep slopes and cliffs, so its collection is dangerous. It is collected in the summer months. Currently,we mainly drink it as a tea but it is also used in the production of drinks.

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