Condor Opens Up New Destinations in Greece for 2016 Summer Season

Condor, the leisure airline of Thomas Cook AG, announced that it will add four new destinations in Greece to its short/medium haul network in summer 2016.

With the launch of its summer schedule, Condor will operate routes connecting the airports of Araxos-Patra, Kavala, Volos and Zakynthos with Frankfurt and Munich.

“With a total of 14 locations and over 100 flights per week, Condor offers travelers to Greece a wide range of unforgettable holiday experiences in the southeast of Europe”, the carrier said in an announcement.

The airline noted that customers flying on the new routes will also have the opportunity to discover lesser known destinations in Greece such as Thassos, which can be accessed from Kavala, or Mount Pelion, for those travelling to Volos.

Condor’s general sales agent (GSA) in Greece is Discover the World Greece & Cyprus.

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