“Mana Moana” movie will be presented in Paleochora

Friday 22nd January 20:00 at Pearl Cavo (Paleochora Club)

Local Filmmaker Linda McGuire will present a screening of her 2014 film ‘Mana Moana’

Tel: +30 6987856018
Further Info on Filmmaker www.manamoanafilm.wix.com/lindamcguire

Made in Northland, New Zealand, 2014.

This mid-length film (37min)  follows the journey of young Maud McGarry on her quest from Scotland to New Zealand to find her long lost Uncle Harry, The Sailor who jumped ship to marry his Maori Sweetheart Eva.

‘Mana Moana’ (Power of the Sea) is an ultra low budget (Produced with less than 600 Euros) non dialogue production including original music and using only Natural Light.

The making of ‘Mana Moana’ was a rewarding challenge to convey a Universal story using only visuals and soundtrack with a cast drawn entirely from locals of Ipipri, Bay of Islands, Northland.

This film was never intended as a commercial venture, but rather a creative homage to the Oceans and Maori people.

Filmmaker & Original Story: Linda McGuire / Cinematographer: Adam Hogg

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