Cretan Cyber Crime Unit chief, Manolis Sfakianakis, transferred to another department!

The decision of the head of Hellenic Police to transfer one of the most competent and renowned officers, chief of Cyber Crime Unit Manolis Sfakianakis, to another department has raised many questions.

Authorities announced that Mr. Sfakianakis, who maintains his Major General rank, will be transferred to the department of human resources at Hellenic Police’s headquarters.

Mr. Sfakianakis set up the Cyber Crime Unit in 1995.

The decision of transferring Mr. Sfakianakis to another department does not serve any functional purpose, while sources claim government tries to control key positions in Hellenic Police.

According to information, Mr. Sfakianakis has submitted a complaint to the headquarters for his transfer to the department of human resources.

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