Son sentenced to 9 years in murder of Cosmo owner Tony Koulakis from Crete

Johnny Koulakis was sentenced to nine years in prison Friday for the murder of his father, Tony Koulakis, owner of the iconic N.D.G. breakfast eatery Cosmo.

During the sentencing hearing Friday, the prosecution repeated earlier testimony from Koulakis, who said he stabbed his 86-year-old father to death in his home in June of 2013 because his Bruce Lee poster told him his father was inhabited by demons that had to be killed, media reports said. He was 40 at the time of the murder.

A defence of not criminally responsible for reasons of insanity could not be used because of the extensive use of drugs by the accused. His lawyer said Koulakis had smoked $300 worth of crack cocaine and drank a bottle of wine before killing his father in a drug-induced psychotic episode. Originally charged with second-degree murder, Koulakis plead guilty to manslaughter, and is still getting psychiatric treatment in prison.

Tony Koulakis opened his diminutive Cosmo café in 1967 at the age of 40, after emigrating to Canada from Crete. It became a Sherbrooke St. W. landmark, famous for its greasy breakfasts, mounds of potatoes and gruff-voiced but kind-hearted owner. In 2000, an award-winning documentary titled Man of Grease was released, chronicling Koulakis’s life and cuisine.

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